Best of Xbox Game Pass – DOOM 2016

It would be easy to endorse DOOM Eternal, the 2020 successor to the DOOM 2016 reboot that amps up the action and complicates the gaming mechanics even further. Although it is arguably the superior game, I can’t help but feel DOOM 2016 is a little more pure. Why not start at the beginning as they’re both on Game Pass?

So, no, that isn’t correct. DOOM 2016 is a video game franchise that has been active since 1993 and has become a gaming legend. However, it took a long vacation in 2005, following the publication of DOOM 3’s final expansion pack, which surprised everyone. DOOM 3 was a huge hit, selling over 3.5 million copies and becoming id Software’s biggest release. DOOM 3: BFG Edition, a remastered version of DOOM 3, made a brief comeback in 2012, before the franchise was relegated to Hell.

DOOM 2016 overview: It’s no easy effort to bring back something as famous, as legendary as DOOM. id Software and Bethesda set out to do just that, bringing the Doom Slayer’s tattered and broken carcass out of Hellscape and back into the world, where they could rebuild it from the ground up. The original brain is still present, but the body is a sleek blend of current technology and muscles, all of which are built around a skeleton made of pure fucking anger. Machine Games has put several little speakers within that menacing physique, which are always blasting out smashing heavy metal music. The Doom Slayer would be the corporeal embodiment of heavy metal music.

I could tell the storey in a few lines, but it would be about as useful as a condom vending machine in a rabbit warren. DOOM 2016 keeps the narrative light and in the background so you can focus all of your creative energy on annihilating demons with some of the smoothest, juiciest, kick-assiest first-person shooting in videogames. The controls are as tight as the Rock’s, the firearms sound more violent than someone reading a love poem in German, and the whole thing moves at a speed that would make Sonic take a break. It’s not about cowering under cover like a coward — it’s all about speed, strafing, accuracy, and health packs, baby.

DOOM 2016 has a beautiful simplicity about it that I admire. It believes that its gameplay will keep you captivated, and that belief is well-founded. It’s a game that’s a lot of fun to play, and the foes are all unique and hard. The A.I. doesn’t get nearly enough credit for making every combat scenario a total delight. It’s abrasive, quick, and violent. It doesn’t give you time to catch your breath, turning every bout into a few minutes of pure adrenaline.

DOOM reappeared with a bang and a flurry of blood and shattered limbs. It’s also insane to consider that Microsoft now owns some of the biggest names in the FPS genre, including DOOM, Wolfenstein, Quake, and Halo. Those are famous franchises that anyone who understands anything about videogame history should respect, and while Halo is on the decline, DOOM and Wolfenstein are still going strong. Now all that’s left is for Quake to make a comeback.

Play DOOM 2016. Bask in the ultra-violence. Revel in the music. Let the gameplay absorb into your very soul. Let the Doom Slayer take you to Hell, baby.

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